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    About / How It Works EJM TRIPEX® Nozzle Systems

    The Industry Leader in 
    Ultra Higher Pressure
    Fire Fighting Systems

    Increased Firefighter Safety Minimal System Maintenance
    Rapid Temperature Reduction Training Simplified
    Greater Knockdown Power Cost Effective Over CAFS
    66% Less Water Consumption Lighter Hose –Easy to Maneuver
    Less Water Damage Less Nozzle Recoil – Reduces Fatigue
    Compact Systems Great Positive Pressure Ventilation
    Ease of System Operation Class “A” or “B” Foam Compatible

    High pressure firefighting systems from EJ Metals put unexpected knockdown power in your hands.

    About / How It Works

    While others talk about high press foam systems, EJ Metals has perfected high-performance high pressure systems with exclusive technology and design features to make you more effective at fighting fires. EJ Metals’ systems are designed for today’s fire response environments allowing you to attack vehicle, brush/wildland and even some structural fires with a variety of water/foam streams more effectively than ever before.

    EJ Metals is a leader in high pressure foam systems. Their 8-gpm high pressure foam systems deliver longer run times – more than 9 minutes – and uses less foam and water than traditional systems. Only EJ Metals offers the exclusive TRIPLEX triple-discharge, high pressure water/foam nozzle. This easy to use nozzle lets you select three different streams, and delivers exceptional foam quality for better knockdown and suppression performance. Choose from gas-powered or diesel-powered systems.

    EJM TRIPLEX® Triple-Discharge, Water-Foam Nozzle

    Patented EJM TRIPLEX® triple-discharge, high pressure, water/foam nozzle with straight stream, light mixture and heavy mixture settings suitable for a variety of firefighting situation; easy-to-use nozzle allows you to switch streams with a simple twist of the wrist; quick-disconnect coupling.

    Straight Stream: water only or wet foam, stream discharge up to 70 feet

    Fog Pattern: water only or wet foam, pattern width of 65° and discharge up to 18 feet

    Highly Aspirated: water only or heavy dry foam, stream discharge up to 60 feet. Dry foam has the consistency of shaving cream and will hold better on vertical surfaces
    EJM TRIPLEX® Nozzle

    Straight Stream
    Fog Pattern
    Highly Aspirated

    8 GPM High Pressure System

    ? CatPUMP Model 56G1-EJM triple plunger type

    ? Gas-powered or diesel-powered

    ? 125-gallon water tank, 5-gallon foam capacity
    See all info: PDF

    8 GPM High Pressure Flat Bed Skid Unit

    ? CatPUMP Model 56G1-EJM triple plunger type

    ? Hydraulic powered

    ? 175-gallon water tank, 5-gallon foam capacity

    See all info: PDF

    8 GPM High Pressure Utility Body Mount - Engine Drive

    ? Triplex plunger high pressure ceramic lined pump

    ? Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV

    ? 200-gallon water tank
    See all info: PDF

    8 GPM Ultra-High Pressure Pump / Engine Unit - 2800PSI

    ? EJM triple plunger type; die cast

    ? Gas-powered or diesel-powered

    ? 5-gallon foam capacity
    See all info: PDF

    SP&S 8 GPM UHP Skid Unit

    ? Triplex plunger high pressure pump

    ? 20.8 HP GX 630 gasoline engine

    ? 175-gallon water tank, 5-gallon foam capacity
    See all info: PDF

    8 GPM @2800 PSI Slide-in, 8' Box Skid System

    ? Triplex plunger high pressure pump

    ? Honda GX 630 V-Twin

    ? 125-gallon water, 5 gallon foam capacity

    See all info: PDF

    US Navy - Twin Pump Skid Ultra-High Pressure / High Volume

    ? Honda GX690 – 22.1 HP 4-stroke,
    OHV, V-twin gasoline fueled

    ? 300-gallon water tank, 30-gallon foam capacity

    See all info: PDF

    High Pressure / High Flow / Hydraulic Fire Fighting System

    ? Single-stage, direct-pulley-driven type

    ? Kubota 05 Series V1505T-11126 vertical 4-cycle, liquid cooled; 36.4 HP

    ? Super bright water and foam tank indicators

    See all info: PDF

    Power Box - High Pressure / High Volume / Hydraulic

    ? Self contained fire suppression system with hydraulic tool circuit

    ? All aluminum frame and enclosure

    See all info: PDF
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